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Hi, I am Wafaa Sbeiti,

I am University Professor of Finance, Author, Spearker, Certified Financial Coach and Financial Literacy Advocate. I am passionate about financial education and helping people avoid potential traps, which even the most educated people can make. You can read more about my own journey by clicking through below.

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  • DO YOU want to have the right mindset around money?
  • DO YOU want to know the “how-to” steps to budget brilliantly, spend wisely and save smartly, so you can achieve the financial stability to live the life you want?
  • DO YOU want to invest the right way but you are confused with all the alternatives, and bombarded by information, stocks, bonds, gold, you don’t know how to start?
  • ARE YOU scared of investing in the stock market because you have heard many stories of people losing their money due to investments?
  • ARE YOU frustrated by paying financial “experts” high fees for low returns?
  • ARE YOU serious in taking your financial knowledge to the next level?
  • ARE YOU ready to invest time and resources to get the results you desire?

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