Do you like to be a stock market genius?

You can be one if you’d like!


I’m actually talking about the book “You Can Be a Stock Market Genius” By Joel Greenblatt.

Have you read it?

It is a must-read book for everyone who wants to be successful investor.

“You Can Be a Stock Market Genius” is a comprehensive and detailed guide on the stock market that written by a successful fund manager.

It helps the reader find “Special Situations” in the stock market.

Throughout the book, you’ll find useful insights into how you can invest in special market situations and achieve above-market returns.

Joel Greenblatt explains why having a basic set of rules that one needs while investing in special situations is necessary.

Reading this book will help you to be independent thinker when it comes to investing, believe in your own work, not to trust the noise out there, and have faith in your own analysis.

The book is filled with several case studies that’ll help you understand why special situations in the stock market can help you find your next 2x, 5x, or even 10x investment.

Knowledge is power and stock market is not an exception,

Reading books is the best way to gain knowledge and learn from highly experienced individuals who’ve seen it all in the market.

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What others said about the course?

Dr. Wafaa has shared her personal knowledge and expertise and provided the necessary information to start the investing journey based on a solid foundation. Her style in teaching made it very easy to grasp the concepts and understand the information being provided.
The course contains excellent information and working tips that you can use in building your confidence as an investor. The workbooks provided during the course are a very helpful tool and will continue to be a great handy reference for future use. I am really grateful to Dr. Wafaa for this excellent course and I highly recommend it to everyone. It is really worth the investment paid for it.
Mohammad Adnan Taibeh, Head of Economic Optimization

The Course was a very informative, suitable for people who just started out or willing to start investing in the US Stock Market. The course covers a lot of investment principles and how to manage your risk. I would recommend people who would want to learn about the stock markets and finance in general and also people already have knowledge on this field.
 Abdallah Al Alban, Financial Researcher

The course is very professional in the true sense. The course content was distinctive, smooth, and at the same time rich in important and updated information. Starting from explaining the simplest steps that help any beginner to go through the experience with confidence, passing through daily updates of the most important tools and sites that can be used. I highly command the course, it includes everything you need to start your investing journey. I would really regret it if I missed the course!  
Abdallah Al-Ansary, Language and development trainer

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What others said about the book?

The title of the book says it all; the content of the book truly does explain life changing concepts and things they do not teach you in schools. It made me come to a realization that this would be a great class to have in a university, not just for finance majors but for all majors.

Dalal Ali

The book has cleared the age old myths and psychology revolving around attaining money and success.
It is extremely educative about the various forms of investment and market risks.
The book truly “teaches everything they don’t teach in school about money”.
Thank you Dr. Wafaa once again, for being so kind as to sharing your valuable knowledge in a nutshell with all of us. I feel the book needs to reach a wider group of readers.
Tina Noronha

Dr. Wafaa I just wanted to say that book is such an amazing, well written book, it really made me take a look at my spending and changed my mindset and much more its officially my favorite book!

Ghada Beshara