I was always an outstanding student in all my classes.

I would work hard as I want to get highest grades.

I would study and re-study and memorize when it came to exams.

I remember writing down the answers to the question time and time again.

Memorizing was my strong point.

The pressure to remember things didn’t really make sense to me.

But I was obligated to do that in order to get the highest grades.

This way of learning was the only way.

Actually we were not taught any other way.

It wasn’t until 2015, when I began my self-development journey.

I discovered new ways of learning like watching videos on YouTube, listening to audios in the car, reading books.

I found that it more appealing way of learning.
Since then I have taken several online courses, read many books, listening to hundreds of hours to podcast, attending workshops and webinars, became member in toastmaster club, joined Public Speakers Academy and publishing my own books.

The reason I am telling you this is because there are many ways to learn and the formal education system is NOT the only way.

In 2019, Chris Hogan, and his team conducted the largest study ever done on millionaires.

They interviewed over 10,000 of them!

Here’s something interesting:

They found out that 96% of millionaires are always trying to learn new things.

They read books, listen to podcasts, and are committed to personal growth.

Here are few books made a huge impact in my life:

The Science of Getting Rich (Wallace Wattles)

Think and Grow rich (Napoleon Hill)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad,
Increase Your Financial IQ,
Cash flow Quadrant (Robert Kyosaki)

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life (Brian Tracy)

The Game of Money (Tony Robbins)

Secrets of Millionaire Mind (Harv Eker)

The Top Ten Distinction Between Middle Class and Millionaire (Keiht Cameron)

The rules of Wealth (Richard Templer)

Rule one Investing (Phil Town)

Read a book, join an online course, listen to podcast, attend a workshop.

Be a long-life learner and you can’t get wrong.