My name is Wafaa Sbeiti,

I tried different types of investing from forex to real estate to stock market, as I want to get rich quick schemes. 

The result: in some of them I failed miserably. 

The financial advisor made advantage of me and I was sold and lost it all. 

I’m proud to say that I did not give up, I’ve invested heavily in myself and my financial education for the past 6 years. I became Certified Financial Coach and I learned from Phil Town about Rule one Investing and how to invest like Warren Buffet. I am still learning till today.

Not only did I want to learn everything for myself, but I also wanted to teach others how to gain the same knowledge and become wise investors.

I made it a mission to promote financial education and empower people with the right financial skills and awareness, so they have more clarity, confidence and calm about their financial issues.

This Journey of learning experience has shaped my vision about the concept of successful investing.

On top of that, I have 15 years of teaching experience, which honed my skills in packaging all my experiences to help you build sound understanding to better financial decisions.

Now, I am managing my investment portfolio by myself without any help from financial advisor. I will be sharing my hard-earned knowledge with you so you can avoid the mistakes I made.

I know how confusing it is and how alone it can feel to try and figure out the financial and investing minefield for yourself.

There is so much mis-information out there and there are so many financial companies who will gladly take your money and invest it all, without any care for your interest and your financial future.

I got knocked down hard and got up.

You don’t need to have the same experience if you can avoid it.

Qualifications and Certifications

Bachelor Degree of Economics with Honor from Kuwait University.

Master Degree and PhD. in Finance and Investment with Distinction from Durham University in The UK.

Certified Financial Instructor.

Certified Financial Coach.

Competent Communicator,Toastmasters International.

Author of two books: “What They Don’t Teach You In Schools About Money” and “Unleash The Financial Genius Inside You.”

The Smart Education

The Smart Education begins my journey to share my knowledge and empower people financially to live better life.

Dr Wafaa

I Believe Most People Have Never Received a Financial Education in Schools.

Kids spend 12+ years in school gaining skills to earn money but little to nothing on managing Money.

Don’t worry, this is a skill you can learn and I can help you.

Being in Academia for 15 years,

I can say with confidence that there is lack in financial education in schools and universities. I want to bridge this gap and help others avoid common money pitfalls and provide them with the skills they need to manage their finances effectively.