1. Stop trying to get rich quick, you will waste a lot of time and money. Getting rich slow is fine. As long as You can make it.

2. Learn before You leap. My first journey into investing cost me several thousand dollars, because I take uncalculated risk.

So, before I jumped in again, I educated myself.

3. Became bold when everyone was freaking. And cautious when everyone is toasting each other. Going opposite everyone else is financially rewarding.

4. Invest slowly over time. Monitor them. And for the most part leave them alone to mature. They will go up and your blood pressure goes down:)

5. Used credit cards for convenience not financing. The interest rate, when calculated, is huge. It will be accumulated and you do not feel.

6. Turn off the TV. Literally, I stopped watching it few years ago. Why does that build financial freedom? Look at the above list. Every item is helped by turning off the TV.

7. Learn to enjoy journey, saving is good. But the balance is required do not save, save, save or spend, spend, spend.