I will share with you today 15 personal finance and investing tips that will make you wealthy, which I personally refer to them and use them all the time as I manage my own personal finances.

1) Manage your spending, track it and manage it. Create a gap between your earnings and spending.

2) Invest, both in yourself and financial assets.

3) Start investing early, if you haven’t started yet, start today. It will never be earlier than today.

4) Avoid market timing, few can accurately predict where the market will go. So, don’t try.

5) Invest for the long term, don’t chase the latest and hottest investment fad.

6) Determine your objectives. They keep you on course. Is it retirement, a home and/or a college fund?

7) Know your tolerance for risk. Some investments have greater potential for short term losses.

8) Have a strategy, determine what will you invest in and when.

9) Determine asset allocation, where you allocate assets (stocks, bond, etc), has a big effect on returns.

10) Diversify, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 5 stocks are better than 1. 10 are better than 5.

11) Research, know and understand what you are investing in. Do your own research.

12) Invest regularly, Dollar cost averaging is a great strategy to reduce risk and limit market timing.

13) Manage Investing costs, Individual stocks and low cost ETFs are a great way to go.

14) Never panic sell or get too excited when markets rise. Ignore the media and avoid being emotionally investing.

15) Maximize your earnings power, put a laser focus on building your career and/or business.